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Just What is Jerry Stackhouse Doing?

Just What is Jerry Stackhouse Doing?

For loyal readers of Anchor of Gold, you know I do not have a high opinion of how Jerry Stackhouse has, ahem, ingratiated himself to the fans in his short Vanderbilt tenure.

In fact, I’ve pointed on multiple times to his actions and behaviors as being that not of a successful basketball coach, but that of a “pissy little shit.” I’ve invited you all to jump on this particular bandwagon based less on his team’s performance on the court than on the odious way he continues to alienate our biggest fans.

I will totally grant that he has played an integral role in developing Dylan “I spit hot fire” Disu and Scotty “Son of Scottie” Pippen, Jr., for instance. I will also say that I have appreciated the amping up of intensity on the court the past few games. In fact, Vanderbilt basketball has become downright watchable (well, maybe not watchable, but certainly not requiring the Ludovico’s Technique of forces restraints and taping our eyes open, like it was towards the end of the Bryce Drew experiment) since the calendar flipped to 2021.

But dear Lord is he putting on a clinic on how to alienate a fanbase and get run out of town based on personality alone.

You may have been blocked by him on Twitter for expressing any form of mild criticism. Heck, you may have been cussed out in your DMs by Stackhouse prior to him blocking you. Either way, even if he has not been a pissy little shit to you, personally (I mean, he’s yet to do anything to me, but surely that will change now), you have to grant that quotes like THIS from today’s Joe Rexrode article in The Athletic is completely untenable, and conducive to nothing but a pink slip and a severance package:

Racism is a scourge that we must all fight against. Full stop.

But this statement by our (possibly not for long) head coach is not remotely based in the reality of his situation.

It’s either a) a ridiculous red herring uttered in complete bad faith, or b) exactly what Jerry Stackhouse thinks of our fanbase (sans evidence). Either way, it’s completely untenable.

What the hell is going on here? Sure, we’re in the SEC, and surely there are people who exist in our fanbase who harbor racist thoughts, but equating Vanderbilt basketball fans—the school of Perry Wallace, for God’s sakes—as unrepentant bigots is just ridiculous.

I don’t care what he does or says from here on out, he should not continue to be employed by Vanderbilt University. Candace Story Lee, it’s time to begin the search.


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