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You can put DeVonta Smith ‘in pencil’ to the Miami Dolphins

Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith is sure to be a polarizing prospect heading into the 2020 NFL draft.

But now, with a trip to Mobile, Alabama, slated for early next week, the whispers surrounding Smith to the Dolphins have gotten louder than ever before. So much so that our good pal Benjamin Allbright of Pro Football Network had this to say regarding the prospect of Tua Tagovailoa reuniting with his favorite target in 2021.

“That’s the one you can probably put in pencil right now is DeVonta Smith to the Dolphins, so I’m not moving off that at all. He’s very intelligent and understands that even though he’s not going to be playing, this is an opportunity to get in front of that coaching staff and make his case.”

It wasn’t long ago when I wrote an article that said the Dolphins SHOULD NOT overthink things regarding the game-changing wide receiver at 3. OBVIOUSLY, a trade down would be in Miami’s best interest. Especially when you factor in that Penei Sewell could go to the New York Jets at No.2, opening up a world of trade down options for Miami.


I won’t sit here and tell you the team needs to draft “DeVonta Smith, No Matter What!” because I do understand how deep this year’s WR class is. But when you start to understand that the Dolphins could get a playmaker at a position of need— that already has a repertoire with the starting quarterback—that’s hard to pass up.

Best of all, DeVonta Smith isn’t the only one of Tua’s friends headed to the Senior Bowl to snuggle up to Coach Flores. Could the Dolphins draft both Najee Harris and DeVonta Smith?!?!

Time will tell.

Roll, Fins, Roll!

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