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An Update on the Texans Head Coaching Search

Despite being the first team to fire their head coach, the Houston Texans are one of two teams remaining to still not have hired a new head coach. So far the New York Jets have hired Robert Saleh, the Detroit Lions: Dan Campbell, the Jacksonville Jaguars: Urban Myer, the Los Angeles Chargers: Brandon Staley, and the Atlanta Falcons: Arthur Smith. The Texans and Eagles are the last ones remaining.

Since Brian Daboll has announced he will remain in Buffalo for another season, that means Joe Brady, Josh McDaniel, Matt Eberflus, and Eric Bienemy are the only candidates from the expected pool remaining. It doesn’t mean these are the only options. Just that these are the last ones left from those who were the most viable candidates to receive a head coaching job this year.

This past weekend, the Texans completed interviews with Eric Bienemy, Leslie Frazier, David Culley, and Matt Eberflus. It was already announced they completed interviews with these coaching candidates.

There have also been rumors that the Texans are eying Bienemy, but he wants some level of roster control, and that Deshaun Watson was part of the interview, and there are conflicting reports to these rumors, as everything is in the age of the internet.

No one knows who Houston hires, but as of right now, it looks like Bienemy and Brady are the most likely candidates to build the next football team around Watson with. This is still the Houston Texans though. Nothing they ever do is rational, or makes any sense.

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