Kirk Ferentz rails against Scott Frost’s clapping accusations

In Nebraska’s 26-20 loss to Iowa on Friday afternoon, Huskers center Cam Jurgens had a number of snaps go awry. After the game, Nebraska head coach Scott Frost and Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz disagreed about why Jurgens had so much trouble.

In his postgame press conference, Frost said that Jurgens’ issues didn’t stem from “technique.” Instead, Frost accused the Iowa sideline of clapping to throw the Cornhuskers’ center off and make him mistime his snaps.

Ferentz didn’t exactly concur with Frost’s assessment of the situation. The Hawkeyes coach initially scoffed when Frost’s comments were brought up. “Please,” Ferentz said.

When asked whether it came up during the game, Ferentz launched into a rant about what was going on from his perspective. The officials did make a note about clapping at halftime, and Ferentz told his players not to do it, but there was clapping going on all game just as a tool to fire one another up.

“The officials said something to me about that at halftime,” Ferentz said. “I’m like, okay. We told our sideline, the coaches. I don’t know if players were clapping, told them no. The next thing I know, my headset is off. You don’t pay attention. All of a sudden I see Cody Ince, let’s go guys. I caught myself doing it. Good job, let’s go.

“What the hell are we talking about? It’s stupid, right? I have no idea. Plus I do know this. I saw across the field they had like a little clap routine for third downs or something … Anyway, I told the officials we told our guys. It’s football. So maybe they need to change their cadence if it was interference of cadence. I don’t know.”

From there, Ferentz told a story about when his son was coaching at Central Michigan, and they caught a couple of students clapping with the opposing team’s cadence on film.

“My son Steve used to be at Central Michigan as a GA,” Ferentz said. “They had a film. Pretty good actually. Kind of like today. There were two guys down in the end zone to the right of Central Michigan’s bench actually doing that, synchronizing it with their opponent. I can’t tell you who they’re playing. Funniest damn thing. Showed it to me on film. That was funny. Two college kids do it.

The Iowa head coach did get back on track and railed against the idea of anyone on the sideline affecting the opposing center’s timing. The idea that there would be no clapping on a football field was something that rubbed ferentz the wrong way.

“Going back to the original topic, I’ve never heard of that,” Ferentz said. “Never heard of that. If a player was on the field doing it, I get that. But what are we talking about? The next thing you know we’re going to be treating this like golf. I was going to say tennis, but they do that at tennis. At golf, nobody is able to say anything, right?”

Ferentz wrapped up his rant by asking if Nebraska wanted to control more things throughout the course of his day. He was clearly exasperated by the incident.

“We should just go home right now,” Ferentz said. “What are we talking about? It’s football, right? It’s football. Are they okay with how I dressed today? Should I be changing my pants, different shirt? What are we talking about?”

This type of feud between two coaches is something that will only add more fuel to the fire when these two teams meet again next year.



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