NFL Draft order update: Chargers would be picking sixth again

When the LA Chargers opened their game against the New York Jets on Sunday, they were set to pick fourth in the 2021 NFL Draft, sitting behind the Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys.

After beating the Jets and improving to 3-7, the Chargers fell to the number six spot with six games to go.

The tiebreaker in the draft order is strength of schedule and right now that puts LA behind the 3-7 Dallas Cowboys and 3-7 Washington Football Team and they currently have the same SOS (.500) as the 3-7 New York Giants.

Had the Jets managed to complete a comeback, the Chargers would be picking third right now. LA’s final six games are against the Bills, Patriots, Falcons, Raiders, Broncos and Chiefs. The Cowboys and Football Team face off against each other next week, meaning that if the Chargers lose to Buffalo, they could be moving up a spot. The Bengals got bad news on Sunday, losing quarterback Joe Burrow for the rest of the season, so they could be headed towards locking in a top-three pick.

All three teams in the top-three seem set.

Top 10 Draft Order:

  1. Jets, 0-10
  2. Jaguars, 1-9
  3. Bengals, 2-7-1 (Joe Burrow is out for season)
  4. Cowboys, 3-7
  5. Football, 3-7
  6. Chargers, 3-7
  7. Giants, 3-7
  8. Texans, 3-7 (to Dolphins)
  9. Falcons, 3-7
  10. Panthers, 4-7



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