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Top 10 sports movies of all time and where to watch them

Top 10 sports movies of all time and where to watch them

Movies and sports are engraved in culture. The question many find themselves getting asked is “How have you not seen this movie?” The same question is asked with sports. 

Watching movies allows for quotes to be used in conversation, and can kick off a conversation with just about anyone. Movies are special. Sports movies are that much better. The common theme in this list of the greatest sports movies is they all have unforgetable quotes.

Here are the top-10 sports movies of all time to help advance one’s movie knowledge

Top 10 sports movies of all-time

10. The Blind Side (Sling TV)

The Blind Side is the only movie on the list that off-field scenes were better than the on-field scenes. The combination of humor and emotion makes the movie compelling to so many people. The Blind Side tells the true story of Michael Oher’s rise to the NFL

The film gives the audience insight into Oher’s difficult family life and makes everyone feel empathy for the down to earth football player. Oher’s relationship with the Tuohy family strikes deep. As the film shows, life has its up and downs, and through the turbulences of life one thing holds true, family will always be there. 

If you are reading this, watch the The Blind Side during Thanksgiving. It only has one Thanksgiving scene, but the message of being thankful remains clear. 

9. The Sandlot (Disney Plus)

“You’re killing me, Smalls.” What a legendary quote. The Sandlot is unlike every movie on this list. The Sandlot is about backyard baseball. While every movie on the list may be seen by more adults, The Sandlot is a movie that appeals to the youth and makes the old feel young again. 

The movie is light and humorous and relies on a lot of sense of nostalgia. The film expresses the innocent of youth, yet, the creativity and dedication the youth shows on the little things, and in this case, baseball. 

The Sandlot is one of the best 90s movies and a must-watch for any baseball fans.

8. Moneyball (Netflix)

Who knew a movie about data and numbers would appeal to a vast majority of sports fanatics? Who also knew Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill would make a dynamic duo? So many unique factors led to Moneyball making this list. 

Similar to Coach Brooks in Miracle, Oakland A’s general manager, Billy Beane, is a misunderstood figure in his industry. Many, including those within his own organization, doubt his newfound philosophy to bringing in players. Beane’s relies on statistics to form his squad. One of the most important statistics he relies on his on-base percentage.

The movie takes us through the emotions of what it was like transforming the way front offices built their teams. There were highs and then there were lows, and viewers felt like they could relate to the movie. It does help the movie was based on a true story, but Pitt and Hill captivate the audience. 

A movie about numbers should not appeal in the sports world, but in this case, it appeals handsomely. Moneyball is one of the most underrated sports films ever created, and it deserves a place on this list.

7. Hoosiers (The Roku Channel, STARZ, and Sling TV)

Hoosiers is a movie about second chances. A coach with a difficult past and the town’s drunk attempt to lead an Indiana high school to the promised land, a championship. 

Based on the true story, the memorable combo faces a variety of challenges as most high schools do. Hoosiers highlights the difficulties of high school sports. Whether it is disgruntled parents, education interfering with athletics, or hard to teach teenagers, Hoosiers shows the true ramifications small-town high schools experience. 

Hoosiers is a true demonstration of the heart of young men, and a comeback story for two once ashamed men.

6. Field of Dreams (Peacock)

“If you build it, he will come.” This sounds like a quote from the Bible not a movie about an Iowa farmer. In biblical fashion, Ray Kinsella, builds a baseball field on his farm. 

Field of Dreams seems like a superhero more than a sports movie. Kinsella sees the ghosts of “Shoeless Joe Jackson” who was a part of the infamous Black Sox team. Kinsella starts a quest to build a field despite everyone around him basically calling him crazy. 

With the support of his wife, he becomes a true symbol of do not quit when you believe in something. The calling was supposed to be about bringing former great baseball players playing their beloved game together. However, he realized the meaning was much more, and that is what makes the movie so special.

Top-five sports movies of all-time

5. A League of Their Own (Sling TV and USA Network)

“There is no crying in baseball.” This quote is used so often, but many do not know the movie they are referencing. As stated earlier in the article, all great sports movies have unforgettable quotes, and A League of Their Own has one of the best quotes of all time. 

WWII left a lot of men overseas fighting the fight. This left many jobs vacant. Teams in baseball decide to form teams with women on it, and the film dives deep into the drama and challenges a women team faces. 

The movie is humorous but the humor is a stellar combination of the challenges the team faced as they were not accepted due to their gender. 

A League of Their Own is such an all-time movie that even star actor, Tom Hanks, quotes his famous line when he had COVID-19, “There is no crying in baseball.”

4. Remember the Titans (Disney Plus)

Some of the best sports movies are based on a true story and Remember the Titans is no exception. Remember the Titans is truly special in a way other movies on this list simply can not replicate. 

Remember the Titans is not just a movie about sports. It is a movie about race. It is a movie based on true events, and the movie digs deep into the audience’s hearts. The movie may be about football but serves as a symbol of a community unifying together.

3. Rudy (Only available to rent or buy)

Compared to movies like Moneyball and Blindside, Rudy is not the most accurate movie. Despite being based on a true story, Rudy is slanted for the viewers to feel for the underdog story. 

Rudy is still an exponential film that is a must-watch for sports and movie fanatics. The message that Rudy embodies is what resonates with people. Rudy was told he was too small. He was told he could not play football at Notre Dame. 

Rudy symbolizes the common man. He was a hard worker who was a little too small and had little too low of grades to play at Notre Dame. However, grit and determination brought Rudy to his dreams and making him one of the ultimate underdog stories.

2. Rocky (Only available to rent or buy)

Every all-time movie has a fair share of unforgettable quotes and Rocky is a prime example of that. Whether it is people asking Rocky how he fought last night, and he responds with his special swagger “Did great should of seen me” or after his historic fight, Rocky yelling “Adrian, Adrian” with his face swelled up and his eyes almost closed shut, the quotes are abundant. 

It is very difficult to pick the best Rocky movie, so the entire array of Rocky movies makes their way into the second spot. 

Go to Philadephia and see how many people are jumping up and down with their hands on their heads. Rocky is a rugged Philadelphia boxer who uses his grit to climb his way to the top. Luck does come Rocky’s way, but he maximizes his opportunities. 

The love for Rocky can be perfectly demonstrated in the success of the squeal, Creed. Creed picks up on the appreciation for Rocky and shows how many people loved the Rocky movies. Look at the top of the “Rocky steps”. See all the different people mimicking Rocky. Just like in Miracle, Rocky still holds tremendous value.

Greatest sports move of all-time

1. Miracle (Disney Plus)

“Again.” Who knew one word could carry so much meaning? The word, “again,” defines the entire movie. It defines the 1980 United States Olympic hockey team. 

Miracle is 2 hours and 15 minutes of pure and utter greatness. Head coach Herb Brooks is a misunderstood visionary who understands how much it will take to topple the seemingly unstoppable Soviet Union. 

The universal admiration for Miracle comes from a sense of nostalgia. Director, Gavin O’Connor, does an exceptional job of making the movie appealing to all generations. It seems no matter what the age, the feeling of relatability is evident. 

Going to Lake Placid, the stores are filled with Miracle merchandise commemorating the 1980 United States Olympic hockey team. Teenagers, young adults, the elderly, and even the youth seem to be enthralled with a team who played over 40 years ago, and this is in large part due to the greatest sports movie of all time.


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