Slumping stars: Players with disappointing 2020 seasons so far

What happens when the best players in college football aren’t really the best players in college football?

Kind of a confusing thought, right? How could the best players not be the best players? But that’s been the case midway through the 2020 season, because, as always, players slump. And this year a few stars are slumping hard.

We see this cycle annually. A player blows up and then doesn’t keep up that level of production the next year. The term “sophomore slump” get the most attention. In reality, a college athlete’s performance can drop any season of their career. It comes with the territory of being a still developing player in a sport where injuries are common and your performance is at least somewhat dictated on those around you.

While we’re highlighting a few struggling stars today, keep that context in mind. All of these players – many of whom appeared on 247Sports’ preseason Top 50 list – are still good. They’re just not playing at the level we expected.



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