Chase Claypool shows he isn’t just amazing on the field, but off it too

The Chase Claypool hype train pulled into the Pittsburgh Steelers’ station months ago, and while the former Notre Dame wide receiver has been dominating defensive backs this season, the one thing most fans don’t see is how he is a great person off the field.

Sure, we know his social media tweets and videos can be hilarious, but it isn’t often fans get to see behind the curtain of an NFL player and what kind of person they really are.

Recently, Claypool saw a video posted by a Steelers fan who had a father who was just diagnosed with dementia. He requested players to send him some memorabilia to help him remember the names of players on his favorite team.

One of the players mentioned in the video? You guessed it.

Chase Claypool.

On Claypool’s social media platform he posted a video of him watching the video, taking a jersey, signing it and taking to to the post office to send it to the fan mentioned in the video.

Check it out for yourself:

I’m sure players see these types of videos often, and how they handle these situation is certainly unique. Some might blow them off, while others have assistants do the work for them. Either way, kudos to Claypool for doing this for a Steelers fan.

You now see a different side to Claypool, and one which makes him even more impressive.

Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the black and gold as they prepare for the Baltimore Ravens in Week 8 at M&T Bank Stadium.



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