Best- and worst-case scenarios for each SEC team

The SEC has not been short on drama as it enters the midpoint of the season.

Scoring is up, top-10 teams have fallen completely out of the polls and Alabama continues to be, well, Alabama.

LSU and Auburn both called the top 10 home for at least one week this season, but the teams will meet Saturday as unranked rivals for the first time this century. Meanwhile, offenses continue to rule the Saturdays and nights in this conference-only schedule. Just when you thought the departure of LSU’s talent from its national championship team meant a quick downtick in production, the rest of the SEC picked up the slack.

SEC teams are averaging 29 points per game, the highest average in conference-only games in the conference’s history. But is nature healing? The high-flying offenses didn’t do so well through the air last week, and the SEC dropped from five teams allowing 300 yards passing per game to only two. Still, keep in mind that no SEC team since expansion in 2012 has allowed 300 yards per game.

The SEC’s 10-game schedule has proven to be fun, but how will teams play in the back half of the schedule? The wear and tear of playing the most conference games in history take their toll.

We examined each team’s remaining schedules and came up with the best- and worst-case scenarios for each program.



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