Every ACC college football game reviewed: Week 8

“Every game reviewed” is my weekly attempt to provide a synopsis of what fans of college football need to know about each game via some short form notes gleaned from either watching the game or drilling down into the box score. These are the actual notes I keep on teams for handicapping, podcasting, and writing purposes. I am only concerned with what happens before garbage time sets in.

I start with the final score and work my way back through the performance until it makes sense. This means looking into things like removing garbage time, considering field position, and figuring out why a team got outgained yet lost. It’s about as a deep of a dive as can be made while attempting to get to every game played over a weekend.

I try not to make broad sweeping conclusions based on a single game. But I will point out concerns which could be valid after a sample set of just one game. If you saw something I missed, please let me know in the comment section.

There was little movement at the bottom and top of the ACC, but some teams in the middle started to separate a bit. 



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