How a Fantasy Football hunch out of desperation turned into Chase Claypool making Steelers history

Admit it, you saw “fantasy football” in the headline and immediately clicked on the bait, didn’t you?

See, that’s where you’re different than me. I never get excited when I see anything about fantasy football. I usually just roll my eyes, shrug my shoulders or throw my hands up and say, “Fine, I’ll join your league.”

I also rarely win.

Let’s face it, I don’t have time for all that fantasy football jazz. I’m obligated to write four articles a week, prepare for three podcasts and also make time each day to do other things that generate enough money to pay the rent and bills.

Who has time to worry about advantageous fantasy football matchups or which backup I should have on my bench just in case the starter gets injured and/or catches COVID?

Speaking of COVID-19, how many games got shuffled around last Sunday thanks to that virus that has been more detrimental to a player’s eligibility than Johnny Manziel’s night life (no offense to the Browns)? I lost count at a million, but I do know I had to immediately drop Broncos’ running back Patrick Lindsay three minutes after adding him to my fantasy roster thanks to Denver’s game against the Patriots being postponed due to the virus.

I’m not sure if any of my homegrown running backs were affected by COVID on Sunday (as I said, I don’t pay enough attention), but I do know three receivers were out between the two leagues I’m involved in. Davante Adams was on a bye, Julio Jones must have caught a case of the Falcons and Michael Thomas punched a teammate. I had nothing, other than the JetsJamison Crowder who I wasn’t confident enough in to start (save your fantasy criticism for someone who would be wounded by such nonsense).

I began to search the fantasy waiver-wire for one of the two leagues that needed a receiver very badly (I honestly don’t know which one it was), and I spotted Steelers rookie Chase Claypool. I said, “Hmmmmmmmm, I’m going to play a hunch, pick this guy up and start him.” (I’m not sure if that exact quote went through my mind, but the sentiment is accurate.)

I started him, and the rest is history. As you know by now, Claypool caught three touchdown passes and ran another in for a fourth in Pittsburgh’s 38-29 victory over the Eagles at Heinz Field on Sunday, becoming the first Steelers’ rookie to accomplish such a feat in the very-long history of the franchise.

In my opinion, it was my greatest fantasy football move since I attended the live draft of my 2018 league (this was in the Before Time, when such things were possible), and I said to my uncle and co-owner, “Some guy on the radio said Patrick Mahomes might be good this year.”

We went on to win the title that year thanks in large part to Mahomes’ MVP season.

Will I win this year? I don’t know.

Win or lose, however, it was still a clutch move by yours truly.

Thank you, Chase Claypool.



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