Chris Oats’ number will be worn by a different player every game, per Mark Stoops

Kentucky Wildcats linebacker Chris Oats is out this season due to a medical emergency that he suffered back in the early part of summer. The reasoning has not been publicly announced, and nor does it need to be, but Oats is weighing heavy on the minds of his teammates and fans all around the Big Blue Nation.

Mark Stoops said announced during his Monday press-conference that Oats’ No. 22 jersey will be worn by a different player every game this season to show that Oats is there on the field in spirit.

The first player to wear Oats’ jersey this season? None other than his other half on the field, DeAndre Square.

While missing Oats on the field hurts Kentucky, it is important that Oats continues to recover from his emergency, and hopefully get back to a normal life.

The gesture to wear Oats’ number every game is a true example of a brotherhood between the UK football team, and shows exemplary leadership by Coach Stoops, and also Square for being the first wear to honor his teammate.

If you’ll remember, Terry Wilson was going to wear Jared Lorenzen’s No. 22 last year for a game prior to an injury, and Lynn Bowden wore Terry’s No. 3 against Florida.



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