Bad Offense Leads To A Bad Loss

Deja Vu is a concept I’ve always been fascinated with. I don’t know how it works at all, I don’t know if anyone does, but it happens to me frequently. I thought it happened again on Sunday when the Washington Football Team found itself down 17-0 in the first half again against the Arizona Cardinals. I was ready for another great comeback.

Turns out this wasn’t deja vu, it was just another bad offensive performance in the game’s two frames.

Calling the offense “bad” is likely the nicest, most family-friendly adjective to use. The performance validated what many had said this offseason. This team doesn’t have nearly enough explosive playmakers not named Terry McLaurin.

In this week’s recap podcast I’ll sift through what we saw from the offense and tell you why I’m ready for Antonio Gandy-Golden to get more reps.

Along with the changes on offense I would like to here from those of you who spent the offseason praising Troy Apke. This is a safe zone, but you all have some explaining to do.

Time for the team to pick itself up, dust itself off and prepare for the Cleveland Browns this week.

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