New college football bowl projections with Big Ten’s return

Thank goodness the Big Ten has decided to play this season. For us bowl game prognosticators and postseason organizers who will spend weeks later this fall ironing out potential invites, the slotting process has become much easier now that previous unpredictable tie-in changes should be minimal.

The Pac-12 remains in flux and is reportedly eyeing a November start date, but the addition of 15 FBS teams to the bowl picture means there are now more teams playing than slots to fill and less headache all around. Eligibility requirements will likely be changed given shortened slates, but we’re going to see SEC vs. Big Ten bowl games again — which wasn’t the case a week ago.

With the SEC kicking off next weekend and Big Ten following suit next month, we’re out weekly bowl projections are a bit more complete now, even if this year’s postseason will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen. We’re updating our picks based on projected order of finish every Sunday during the regular season.

And until we get a clearer picture of how bowls will carry out the selection process as it relates to tie-ins and eligible teams, we’ll give our best guess each week based on what we’re hearing through sources.

Projecting postseason matchups is more of an educated guess than anything else and is one of the more subjective content pieces we handle at 247Sports — even moreso this season.

Here’s a look at our updated bowl projections after Week 3 following the Big Ten’s decision to return:



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