Predictions for college football’s best Week 3 games

College football season is two weeks in, but it doesn’t feel like the real thing just yet. Does it? Most of the preseason Top 10 takes the field on Sept. 26 and with the Big Ten in limbo with a decision coming any day now, it seems like everyone is sitting on their hands with anxiousness of what may transpire heading into October.

That being said, there’s been enough football for early takeaways this fall following the release of Sunday’s updated AP Top 25. There are a couple teams we didn’t expect see in the polls this fall and a few that may not be as good as advertised. But it’s early and a lot can happen between now and the midseason junction.

Not that I’m waving the white flag just yet, but I have a feeling there won’t be much money to be made during the first half of the season in the picks department. Too many unknowns and my strength, the SEC, doesn’t kick off until Sept. 26. So, tread lightly if you’re tailing. Remember this — these aren’t necessarily matchups we’d normally play at the window each week, either. We’re selecting top games and giving out leans regardless.

Where we stand after Week 2: Brad Crawford — Straight up: 6-3; Against the spread: 3-6; Chris Hummer — Straight up: 6-3; ATS: 4-5. Onto this week’s picks for Week 3’s biggest games …

Onto the picks for this week’s games …



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