Nebraska Chancellor expects Big Ten schedule ‘early next week’

The college football season might already be underway, but there is a large portion of the country that is sitting on the edge of its seat waiting for an announcement for a 2020 football schedule. That’s what happens when you cancel a fall season, only to turn around and start it back up again.

On Wednesday, a little over a month after it announced it would not play football this fall, the Big Ten Conference announced the decision to start a football season this October and play in the fall as planned. But the announcement did not come with a schedule for the season, as that is still in the works. But it could be here soon.

In a press conference on Friday, Nebraska Chancellor Ronnie Green provided a timeline for when fans could expect a schedule for the 2020 season. Green said that the schedule could be released, “early next week.”

“We will be releasing, from the Big Ten, the schedule for that conference schedule early next week, so you’ll be able to see what that will look like, Green saidIt’s being finalized as we speak. But we’re very excited for our players, the community, the state, for us to be able to return to competition safely.”

While there is not schedule out yet, teams do know what time of the year they will be taking the field again. When it announced it would be playing this fall, the Big Ten shared that the eight-game schedule would begin the weekend of October 23. It might be a tight window to fit an eight-game season into, but many believe that the Big Ten can play all of its games and be eligible for the College Football Playoff.

But not everyone shares the same optimism for the Big Ten playing its season and then getting teams into the yearly playoff. College GameDay host and Michigan Wolverines legend Desmond Howard was on College Football Live on Wednesday after the Big Ten’s announcement and pointed out some concerns he had over the start date for the Big Ten.

“That’s very interesting because we had coach Ryan Day, Ohio State’s head coach, on the show last Saturday and his target date for this whole thing to work would have been the previous week, October 17, I believe,” Howard said. “For them to start a week later, it makes me wonder if they’re going to be able to pull this off in time, based on the schedule that Ryan Day laid out for us, as far as when the Big Ten Championship would be played, and I also heard Heather Dinich earlier this morning repeated the same schedule. For them to have to start a week later, it puts a lot of strain on them as a conference.”



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