2020 Staff Pick’em Week 2

It is Thursday evening, and I am sure we are all watching the scintilating NFL game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns. The staff picked like the Bungals last week. We combined to go 12-30. The only person above .500 was me at 4-3. You can look below to see how the rest did. I will not name-and-shame them, but you should totally look and laugh. I know I did.

Looking forward, one game was nixed when Charlotte had a single player test positive but due to rules related to contact tracing could not have competed. Tom and VU ‘04 were the only two who thought North Carolina would cover the 27.5-point spread against Will Healy’s squad. The group mentality was strong this week. Of the seven games, two are unanimous with another two having 5 of us on the same team. Only Navy-Tulane was evenly split.

If you are curious, yes, this is a Campbell Fightin’ Camels fan zone. The kids would say something about “stanning” them or something. I do not sit at the cool table in the cafeteria though, and I am not up on the lingo. We also went from all picking against the Ragin’ Cajuns to all picking them. Sorry, ULL fans. We just put an L on your record in Sharpie.

  1. Normally, the picks are for all SEC games with one dealer’s choice where I get to choose another game to make us pick. Since the SEC will not start playing for 2 more weekends, these will be mostly games involving Top 25 teams along with one or two “parlagi special(s)” from some bizarre game likely involving a school you did not realize played football.
  2. The picks will be made AGAINST THE SPREAD. Too many games are easy to pick heads up. Also, this will serve as a PSA for why you should not get into sports gambling with more states making it legal.
  3. The lines will be taken from Oddshark’s consensus spread some time Monday, so they may not match what is listed at the time this article is published.
DotP 4 3 4 3
Import 2 5 2 5
Tom 2 5 2 5
VU ’04 2 5 2 5
Stan 1 6 1 6
CDA 1 6 1 6



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