Overrated, underrated teams in latest AP Top 25

With the Big Ten and Pac-12 expunged from the national rankings for the first time this season, the latest AP Top 25 Poll featured 10 new teams this week, including Louisiana-Lafayette for the first time in more than half a century. The absence of Ohio State, Penn State and Oregon among other contenders caused mass fluctuation inside the Top 15 and thus created a few far-reaching new rankings for teams that may not have looked as good as advertised their first time out.

How much of an impact do altered Top 25 polls and power rankings have on a college football season significantly affected by unprecedented times? Honestly, not much of any prior to the College Football Playoff selection committee’s first meeting later this fall.

Ask any head coach about early-season rankings and they’ll give you a similar quote — they’re cool to talk about, but have no place inside the locker room.

Given the lack of sample size and some teams in this list having not yet started their seasons, it’s hard to accurately stick the overrated or underrated label on any, but that’s what polls are all about — trying to project who’s better than who.

After two weekends of action, here’s a look at five teams who may not be slotted correctly in the AP Top 25:



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