NFL opt out deadline is today and Bears unsure if more players will take it

Earlier this week the NFL and the NFLPA put the final touches on their amended collective bargaining agreement for the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One item they were discussing was the deadline for players to decide if they wanted to sit out this year with their contract being tolled to 2021.

That deadline was set for today at 3:00 pm Central, which means players must provide their teams written notification if they wish to opt out before that time.

So far the Chicago Bears have had two players opt out, nose tackle Eddie Goldman and safety Jordan Lucas, but the team is unsure if any others will follow.

When asked if they expect any other opt outs, head coach Matt Nagy said, “We have no idea. I think right now the pulse of our team, we’re in a really good place. We’re kind of in a rhythm right now. You ask some of the guys how they’re feeling in regards to the setup that we have here, and controlling what we can control is giving them a lot of space.”

The Bears were completely behind the decisions made by Goldman and Lucas, and they’ll stand by any other players that follow suit.

“And then also just talking through this whole procedure, everything about it, we spent a lot of time into where we’re at and how we go about it and the details of everything and then we let them make their decision,” Nagy continued from yesterday’s Hall Hall press conference. “But I think for them it’s just to make the best decision for them, and then we fully support anybody that does that.”

Only five the the 32 teams have yet to have a single player opt opt, with the Patriots having the most at eight so far.



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