A look at some of the best official scholarship offers sent out

Aug. 1 marked the first day that colleges could send written scholarship offers to recruits in the class of 2021. That meant over the weekend that top rising seniors from around the country flooded their social media channels with different graphics from different schools. Most of the artwork was pretty unique, which is to be expected seeing as how almost every major college football program now has at least one graphic designer working inside its recruiting department.

Given the variety, we at 247Sports thought why not try to take a look at some of the best scholarship offers that were released and posted. It’s probably pretty rare for a kid to sign with a school because of an individual graphic, but keep in mind that the NCAA’s temporary dead period, which has been in place since early March, has created a situation in which some of the biggest recruiting battles are being played out electronically. That means every image could help a college coaching staff down the stretch as the need for a program to have a unified brand is at an all-time high.



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