WATCH: Vince Carter reflects on memorable NBA journey

When Vince Carter took flight, fans knew that something amazing was about to happen. The talented guard, who starred for the North Carolina Tar Heels, earned his nickname “Half-Man, Half-Amazing” from his dazzling acrobatic dunks.

After two decades in the NBA, Carter is hanging up the sneakers that made him famous. His career spanned across multiple eras of basketball. He was around for the traditional pace and space era. He was also active for the up-tempo positionless style of play.

Through it all, Carter remained true to his game. He impacted several NBA stars with his grace, humility and genuine love for playing. It is something Carter wanted always to be remembered for as he heads into retirement.

Carter discussed it during a recent video tribute following his NBA career.

“My love for the game, I want to say it speaks for itself and that is the legacy that I want,” Carter said. “Some people tout me as the greatest dunker and I am very appreciative of that. But with that, I want them to say that he played in his forties. He must love the game.”

In his career, Carter averaged 16.7 points per game, 4.3 rebounds and 3.1 assists. He ranks 19th all-time in scoring with 25,728 points. His list of awards is just as impressive. Carter is an eight-time All-Star and is a two-time All-NBA honoree. He also won 1998-1999 Rookie of the Year award with the Toronto Raptors.

Several NBA veterans and personnel sent a special thank you to Carter as he reflected on his journey. His impact was far-reaching for many NBA stars in the league today.

“You are not just Half-Man, Half-Amazing, but a 100 percent heart,” Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said.

Carter appreciated the kind gestures. He is glad to make an impact on those that came after him. He promised to continue following the game in retirement.

“To learn that you have impacted so many players in the league is wowing to me. To see all those guys, J-Kidd (Jason Kidd) and T-Mac (Tracy McGrady) who were teammates of mine and hear their testimonies and share their kind words, you can’t beat it man.”



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