247Sports Media Days: SEC preseason poll

247Sports is home to an array of websites covering college football, and behind those publications are reporters with deep-rooted knowledge of the teams and conferences they cover day to day.

“Talking Season” heats up just as the temperature begins to climb in July. It’s when prognostications across the country gain steam as we gear up for college football and the annual trek to hotel meetings rooms across the country for conference media days. This year is different as Power 5 conferences move to virtual-only setups for its annual Media Days events, and while it might be a strange time, that doesn’t change the desire for predictions and storytellers.

Before the Power 5 conferences conduct their virtual Media Days in late July, 247Sports gathered experts across its vast network and conducted polls within each Power 5 conference to get a better idea of how the season might transpire.

Why? Why not? These reporters are intertwined with the day-to-day newsmakers on the ground, and have the best vantage point of the teams and conferences they cover across the country. Why wait for the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC to hand out ballots in late July or August when 247Sports has experts on the ground at nearly every one of the 65 schools in the Power 5?

This week we unveil the predictions of dozens of nearly five dozen beat writers across the country. Each day this week is devoted to a different Power 5 conference. Think of it as a preseason tailgate before the conferences gather coaches, players and writers for interviews and the release of their annual preseason polls. This is your first taste of football. This is 247Sports Media Days.

We finish the week with the SEC’s predicted order-of-finish, player of the year, the conference champion and the storylines selected by 247Sports’ 13-person panel spread across the South.

Note: First-place votes received seven points, second-place votes received six points, etc.



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