College football teams capable of being elite with a special QB

On the eighth episode of the Barton & Bud Show, a new podcast from 247Sports, Analysts Barton Simmons and Bud Elliott discuss which programs are capable of leveling up to elite status with a special QB, much like Clemson has done.

Barton: Georgia, Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and LSU are the schools recruiting at a level where they have national title rosters. You could throw Oklahoma in that mix, too. Spit-balling, which schools could make the jump with a special QB?

Bud: I am interested in this topic. Are we seeing a new class of super team? I think perhaps, but CFB’s history says no. I think to your question, Texas could, Florida could, Michigan could, Auburn could, and Penn State could. And I think Notre Dame could. And then I think perhaps Texas A&M, Miami, and Washington. And Maybe Oregon, though they just had Herbert and could not do it.

Do you put Tennessee in there? Maybe? After those teams I just listed, there’s a big.

Barton: I think to narrow it down, who has the Clemson culture and recipe? Does Texas have that? Are they just a QB away?

Bud: Ah, I was answering it from the perspective of who has the talent and can get it done if they get a special QB?

Barton: Penn State for me. And yes, Auburn, that makes sense. Notre Dame makes sense. And for me, Florida makes sense. We saw what he did with Dak Prescott. And I do think Tennessee is fair. They need to get their Tahj Boyd. Maybe that is Harrison Bailey, we’ll see. And Michigan hasn’t had one, either. Give them a sixth-round QB and see what they can do.

When you think of what Dabo Swinney has done at Clemson, it does make it seem more achievable. Culture and QB to level up in a dramatic way.

Listen below for the most recent episode.

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