Home Entertainment Batwoman may not recast Kate Kane after all

Batwoman may not recast Kate Kane after all

Batwoman may not recast Kate Kane after all

Kate Kane may not be recast on Batwoman after all

When Ruby Rose announced that she would not be returning as the titular character of Batwoman on The CW series, fans were shocked and confused. After all, how can you have a Batwoman without the woman who actually brings the character to life?

Well, if The CW and Batwoman have anything to say about, it looks like Rose will always be Kate Kane, even if she isn’t actually a part of the series anymore.

Batwoman casting news reveals a new character

In a report from Decider, it was revealed that a casting call had been leaked for the series that would bring in an entirely new character to don the Batwoman persona. This means that Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane won’t actually be recast (if this news is true), but rather a new character would be brought in to take over the superhero persona itself.

And while we all know that casting calls can be faked in an effort to conceal spoilers, this report seems rather on point in terms of character description and how the story would introduce a new Batwoman.

The leaked casting news revealed that Warner Bros. and The CW are looking for an actress to play the role of Ryan Wilder, a “female, mid-late 20s, any ethnicity,” who is “about to become Batwoman.”

The character description goes on to describe Ryan as untamed, messy, goofy and even likable. She is going to be different from Kate Kane in many ways, while also having many of the same skills, including those of someone who is athletic, passionate, and skilled as a fighter.

And yes, Ryan Wilder is also going to be a member of the LGBTQ community, with actresses who are part of the community being encouraged to audition for the part.

As someone who enjoys the Batman/Batwoman mythology, it actually makes sense not to recast Kate Kane. And as a fan of Ruby Rose, it does feel like it would be hard to have someone stepping into the role now. After all, the work she did on the series was definitely special.

Whether you loved Rose’s take on Batwoman or not, she certainly made a lasting impression on the character and the show. It would be hard for anyone to step in and take over the role, so it makes sense for the show and its creators to look for a new character worthy of putting on the Batsuit.

Hopefully, this casting call is legit in terms of who this character is and the role they will play in the series. And we also hope that they find someone who embodies the part of Batwoman in a way that lives up to what Ruby Rose did on screen.

What do you think of this casting rumors? Do you think this is a smart call on the part of the studio? Tell us what you think in the comments. And for more, follow the Television category on FanSided Entertainment.

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