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6 biggest takeaways from HBO Max launch

6 biggest takeaways from HBO Max launch

Here’s what HBO Max got right with its highly anticipated launch and what hurt the fledgling service’s debut into the streaming wars.

WarnerMedia has officially kicked its streaming efforts up to the max with its new platform and the results were somewhat mixed upon arrival. While there are a lot of great things HBO Max has going for it, some out there are a bit confused about the ordeal as well as noticing a few things that could be improved upon for the future.

These are three pros and cons regarding the fledgling service’s opening run for those that are still on the fence about deciding whether or not to pledge their allegiance to the new subscription option.

3 things the HBO Max launch got right

1. The selection lives up to its name

Featuring a slew of hit movies including the unfortunately relevant Contagion film, Wonder Woman, Titanic, Bad Education, Downton Abbey and many more, its safe to say content-wise, the option where HBO meets so much more is off to a decent start. For those that prefer the classics, Turner Classic Movies has provided a superb smorgasbord of iconic films from Casablanca to Apocalypse Now.

When it comes to flicks for the kids, there is no shortage of family-friendly material, especially since Studio Ghibli titles are available, adding to the spellbinding, imaginative experience that is HBO Max. As for TV series, there is enough awards-caliber critically acclaimed content in the HBO section alone, but since they added an ample amount of exclusive content such as classic hits like Friends, HBO Max quickly proves to be a place where viewers can get lost for hours enjoying some first-class entertainment.

2. The layout is easy to navigate

The layout for the new WarnerMedia streaming service is not only inviting, but it quickly and concisely shows subscribers what’s available without overwhelming them with a choice paralysis-inducing amount of options right from the start. It doesn’t take long to figure out where everything is and what’s available.

The HBO Max Hub system is very well-crafted and makes it easy for fans to locate an enticing library from a very intriguing variety of choices. The service’s hub system consists of HBO, DC, Sesame Workshop, Turner Classic Movies, Studio Ghibli, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Crunchyroll Collection and Looney Tunes. Throwing its heavy hitters up front quickly draws viewers in to pleasantly experience everything the new streaming wars contender has to offer.

3. The original launch titles are dynamic

The HBO originals such as Westworld, Veep, Game of Thrones, I Know This Much is True, Watchmen, and many more make finding a new binge obsession very easy given the many options available at one’s fingertips. Still, HBO Max came out of the gate with a few gems that indicate a lot of potential moving forward for the rookie streaming outlet. The six available at launch are unique and offer up something fans will not get to see anywhere else.

Whether it’s Anna Kendrick starring in Paul Fieg’s Love Life or if it’s the voguing houses battling it out to see who will become Legendary, the WarnerMedia owned service is just getting started filling its own library of originals.

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