Breaking down Nick Foles, Chicago’s “New Kid on the Block”

I gotta tell you, Nick Foles has had one of the strangest careers I’ve ever seen.

Just thinking about how he’s gone from Pro-Bowler (2013) to benchwarmer (2015) to considering retirement (2015) to Super Bowl MVP (2017) to benchwarmer once again (2019) makes my head spin, but it’s that very same confusing career journey that’s now brought him to Chicago, and that means it’s about time we break him down.

In this video, I attempt to answer every burning question you could possibly have about Nick Foles in the span of about 20 minutes — What are his strengths? Where is he weak? Why does he only seem to be good in Philadelphia? Should you be worried about his health moving forward? And will he even mesh with Matt Nagy’s offense?

I answer all of these questions and more below — check it out and let me know what you think!

Now it’s YOUR turn — what do YOU think of Nick Foles? Are you excited to have him on the team?



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