3 episodes we’d love to see on Marvel’s What If…?

Here are three MCU scenarios we’d love to see in What If…? on Disney+.

Marvel Studios has got some seriously great TV shows lined up for Disney+. The first round of live-action shows like WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki are getting a lot of buzz. But there’s another non-live-action series coming to Disney+, and that’s Marvel Studios’ What If…?

In this animated series, each episode will flip the script of an MCU movie, putting one character in another superhero’s shoes. Already, it’s been confirmed that there’s an episode where Peggy Carter gets the Super Soldier Serum and another where T’Challa takes Star-Lord’s place.

But with a series that has endless potential, it has us wondering, what other scenarios could What If…? bring to the table. Just for fun, here are three exciting episodes of What If…? that we’d love to see on Disney+.

1.  What if Quicksilver survived over the Scarlet Witch?

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, there was a bitter moment when we learned that both Maximoff twins would not get to spend their time in the Avengers together. Pietro had one heroic battle with the Avengers crew but was eventually killed off. But what if Wanda sacrificed herself instead of Pietro?

First, we know for sure, things in Lagos might have gone a little differently — as it was the Scarlet Witch’s outburst that caused the mass destruction. And it was also her who was put under Vision’s watch during the civil war because of it, leading to the two’s eventual relationship forming. Would Pietro have been friends with Vision? Would he have abandoned Vision when hiding out after Civil War? And would he even have cared about trying to safely get the Mind Stone out of Vision before Thanos arrived on Earth?

2. What if the Reality Stone were in the Eye of Agamotto?

One of the most criminally underused Infinity Stones before Thanos used it was the Reality Stone. It first appeared in the form of the Aether in Thor: Dark World. And it didn’t do much outside of transporting items and Jane Foster to mysterious places. But what if the Reality Stone had a better purpose and was stored in the Eye of Agamotto used by Doctor Strange instead of the Time Stone?

We’ve seen from Thanos that the Reality Stone has the ability to distort real life and temporarily cause locations and objects to change. This would have been incredibly useful to Strange in defeating Kaecilius because there are so many tripped out things you can do to mess with someone’s perception of reality. We’ve seen a lot of that in Doctor Strange already, but having the Reality Stone on him would just take that to the next level.

3. What if Captain Marvel became the Incredible Hulk?

We all know that when filled with rage, Bruce Banner becomes the green wrecking machine, the Incredible Hulk. It happened after being exposed to gamma radiation, ultimately due to him working on a new Super Soldier Serum under the commands of General Ross. But what if Carol Danvers was the one introduced to that ill-fated radiation?

We’d probably see a military-heavy episode, one where a test serum was probably complete and Ross was willing to test it on some of the military’s best. Being in the military herself, Carol Danvers would be used to test the serum and become the Hulk — in the ’90s! It’d be fun for the episode to take place in the ’90s, and we’d probably see her and Nick Fury cross paths… though they probably wouldn’t be too friendly toward one another. Eventually, Carol as the Hulk/a version of She-Hulk would probably join the Avengers after being on Fury’s watchlist.

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