5 movies on Netflix to watch after The Lovebirds

Loved The Lovebirds? Watch these five movies on Netflix next.

When it comes to entertaining rom-coms, there are some aspects that we expect to see every time, particularly a connection between our couple and something wild and crazy that brings them together. And in The Lovebirds, we get a bickering couple with plenty of chemistry and a shocking murder to solve when they’re accused of of a crime they didn’t commit. Basically, this movie has exactly what we would want from your high-octane rom-com.

And if you have already finished The Lovebirds on Netflix and are looking for something with the same vibes, then these five movies are exactly what you want to watch next.

Not only are these movies rom-coms, but much like The Lovebirds, they provide the drama, action and even the mystery element that made the Netflix original so much fun. Even if these movies don’t give us Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani, they still offer up some excellent stars with their own amazing chemistry.

While many critics compared this film to Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carell, we think these Netflix movies are just as good as a follow up.

5 movies like The Lovebirds you can watch on Netflix

5. Mr. Right

Short Sell: One of the most surprising rom-coms I have ever come across has to be Mr. Right starring Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell. While it is as much an action movie as it is a rom-com, this movie is absolutely brilliant. In fact, it is so quirky and suspenseful, that it delivers in ways that really do call to mind The Lovebirds and their drama.

Kendrick is horrible at love in this movie, right up until she meets Rockwell. And that’s when the sparks and the knives fly. Although you might think these two are an unlikely pair, it totally works.

In fact, I would say their madcap relationship is so out there that it works and watching them take on bad guys and deal with kidnappings and murder attempts brings them together in a way that shouldn’t make sense but it does.

Netflix describes:

Fresh off a bad relationship, thrill-seeking Martha finds romance and danger with Francis, a hit man who’s decided to turn the tables on his clients.

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