15 best shows to watch after bingeing Stranger Things

These 15 shows are a perfect choice to watch next after Stranger Things.

Are you obsessed with Stranger Things? Have you watched the entire show more than once? If the answer is “yes,” then you probably want something new to watch that gives you a lot of the same vibes as Stranger Things.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of shows we can choose from that give us the same level of paranormal drama as this Netflix original. And while these shows may not be the exact same as Stranger Things, that’s okay, as these shows offer the kind of magic we want, but with their own twists and tricks to draw us in and keep us watching.

If you love paranormal shows that offer teen drama as well, we have you covered. Perhaps you are looking for a supernatural drama that is more of a surprise, we have that too. Even if you aren’t looking for that teen angst, but you want a show with a paranormal element that pops, have no fear, we have found it.

Seriously, we have something for everyone, and every single one of these shows offers an element of drama, mystery, and the supernatural that makes Stranger Things so special. Hopefully with these 15 shows, you are able to find something new to binge-watch right now. And even if they don’t seem like they would fit the bill perfectly, I think these shows have what it takes to satisfy your desire for more Stranger Things.

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