Roswell, New Mexico explores what it means to be family

Roswell New Mexico has proven that the heart of the show is its relationships, with a particular interest in the idea of chosen family.

Watching Roswell New Mexico‘s second season has been a study in relationships and with “American Woman,” it feels like they redefined family once again.

Roswell is a show that inherently requires us suspend our disbelief, including for some of the familial relationships. In the tenth episode of the season, we learned that Maria’s grandmother is actually Isobel’s half-sister. We also learned that Isobel and Max are actually not siblings, at least in terms of their alien heritage. Mostly though, we learned that family is what we make of it. And sometimes we find family in the most unexpected places.

Over the years, it seems that Maria and Isobel have traveled a rocky path that has sometimes left them at odds. In fact, while trying to connect with each other, Isobel joked about their rivalry in a way that proves that these two will be okay, even if their past has been rough. Maria and Isobel are going to have to find a way to connect on a deeper level since they are actually related, even if that relationship seems odd (Isobel is technically Maria’s great-aunt!).

However, it is not just Isobel and Maria that are redefining family. As we learned from this journey, Max is actually not Isobel’s brother. And yet, their connection is as strong as ever. If ever there was proof that these two are meant to be brother and sister, it would have to be the fact that they are so close that they can feel when the other is in trouble, even though they aren’t really blood siblings.

These two, along with Michael, are proof that family doesn’t have to be blood, it can be of the heart. Friends can be your family. The people in your life who stick around, are just as important as anyone else.

And if you need an example of how this works, take a look at the Manes family. We didn’t even know Alex had another brother until this episode (or maybe we did, but since they never talk about him, he seems forgotten). When we meet him, we also learn that he is holding a lot of guilt for not standing up for Alex with their father. And this sense of anger is keeping him from actually being a brother.

Speaking of Alex’s father, can we just mention (again), that Jesse is definitely the kind of guy we don’t like or trust. He has no problem treating his son like trash and then using him to get what he wants. Jesse is not a good father and he is definitely an example of what not to do in the family department.

Roswell is great at delivering moments that resonate, and “American Woman” was all about giving us family revelations. This season has proven that Roswell knows how to tell a fascinating story with a lot of layers and depth. And if they keep building this way, season 3 could end up being even more intense and brilliant than ever before.

What did you think of this episode? Were you surprised by the family revelations in this episode? Tell us what you thought in the comments.

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