Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s ‘Rain On Me’ is a cathartic bop

The forecast may call for sun, but on planet Chromatica, the rain isn’t slowing down! Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande came together on “Rain On Me” to give fans the dance music they’ve been craving.

Every few years, two megastars come together for a collaboration that shakes up the pop music industry. Years ago, Lady Gaga took the industry by storm with “Telephone” featuring Beyonce, and now it seems like she’s ready to do it again with “Rain On Me” featuring Ariana Grande.

Rumors had been swirling about “Rain On Me” for months before it was announced. Somehow, Little Monsters and Arianators knew about it before Gaga or Ariana had a chance to say anything. But when the track list finally came out and the collaboration was confirmed, it was time to freak out. Fake demos leaked, fans made up lyrics, it was all-out fandom madness!

And now the day has finally come: “Rain On Me” was released Thursday night at midnight, and the music video — which was filmed before the COVID crisis — was released Friday afternoon.

Let’s start with the song. When Gaga said she was refocusing her sights on dance music, she wasn’t lying! It has been years since Gaga’s last true dance pop album — 2013’s ARTPOP — but she is back in top form. “Rain On Me” sounds like a cross between ARTPOP and Born This Way. The lyrics are simple but empowering: it may feel tough right now, but you’re alive, so let the tears fall down and let’s dance the sadness away!

Ariana and Gaga have both been through some struggles in recent years, both in their personal lives and careers, but they have come back stronger than ever and that’s why the words really resonate. They are two of the biggest artists in the industry right now and for them to not only collaborate, but to put their power together for a dance song for all of us to enjoy right now? Iconic!

The track, produced by Bloodpop and Burns, has the same EDM-disco fusion sound with a hint of ’90s flavor that is present on “Stupid Love” (and on another song from the album that has leaked in full that will remain nameless, but is a certified bop). Gaga takes the high notes in this duet, with Ariana showcasing her lower register, but she definitely gets in those flawless vocal runs too.

Even though there are no parties, pride festivals, or club nights happening this summer, “Rain On Me” is a reminder that there is still so much to be excited for. Most importantly, it’s pure fun. It gives you the sudden urge to sing and dance in the rain without a single care. Considering the lack of events for a while, dancing in the streets might be the next best thing!

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Sticking with the ongoing post-apocalyptic aesthetic from the rest of the Chromatica album promo, the music video starts with Gaga down for the count as the rain pours down as sharp as knives (literally, the droplets are knives). But she gets back on her feet, pulls the knife out of her side and dances it out in a choreographed routine surrounded by citizens from the planet Chromatica. That’s when Ariana comes in, immaculate high-pony tightly secured and silver fairy wings on her back.

The two queens come together, hair flowing in the wind, and let loose as the rain continues to fall around them. It’s amazing seeing two of the biggest women in music having fun and dancing with each other. The video definitely harkens back to the music video heyday of the early 2000s, in the best possible way. The production values are out of this world. Fans have drawn comparisons to video games like Bayonetta, which Gaga herself has posted about on Twitter before, and Final Fantasy, which both perfectly fit the futuristic approach Gaga has been taking.

Chromatica is shaping up to be everything Lady Gaga promised and more. We can finally hear the entire album next Friday (May 29), but the world may not be ready! Clubs may be closed, but pop music fans will always find a way to party!

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