Kate Walsh just killed the 2020 meme game with a classic Grey’s Anatomy moment

Kate Walsh’s 2020 meme game a win with classic Grey’s Anatomy moment.

Kate Walsh certainly knows how to pull at the heartstrings 15 years after our hearts broke and our blood pressure rose during that season finale. The current meme trend as of late is sharing side-by-side images one representing your pre-2020 goals and one representing what 2020 has panned out to be.

Walsh, who starred as the bitchy (then loveable) wife (then ex-wife) of Derek “McDreamy” Shepard, Addison. On Friday she shared her own version of the 2020 meme with a classic Grey’s Anatomy moment from season 1’s season finale way back in 2005.

That classic Grey’s Anatomy moment

The image on the left is Meredith Grey meeting her boyfriend, and boss, after a long day’s work. After a season chalk full of drama and a whole will-they-won’t-they tug of war the couple had finally agreed to give their relationship a try, despite her being a lowly intern and he being a resident.

The second image is when Walsh made her on-screen Grey’s Anatomy debut. And the moment that the entire viewing audience learned that Derek was married and a dirty rotten cheater.

The feelings are all coming back to me.

What Kate Walsh has been doing since Grey’s

Walsh appeared on Grey’s Anatomy for another 58 episodes. She was a main cast member for seasons 2-3 and a guest star from seasons 4-8. She left the show to star on her own spinoff show, Private Practice and has appeared on shows like Fargo and 13 Reasons Why.

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