5 best episodes of Big Mouth so far

Over the course of three seasons, Big Mouth has rehashed a ton of pubescent memories. Here are the five best episodes of the series.

When Big Mouth hit Netflix in 2017, it brought together many of the biggest names in comedy, from Nick Kroll to Maya Rudolph to John Mulaney, and made its mark on the streaming world with a heavy dose of filth and openness not usually found in the same television series. In the subsequent seasons, the show has doubled down, expanded its scope, and gotten much better.

Noteworthy for bringing animations of Hormone Monsters, Depression Kitties and Shame Wizards to life as well as appreciating the perspectives of female writers and their semi-fictitious characters on-screen, Big Mouth makes a genuine effort to depict the full breadth of modern adolescence. Technology plays a big part, as do the spectrums of gender and sexuality and a larger appetite and acceptance of eroticism in mainstream entertainment than was present when animation first hit big networks.

Nick Kroll has said recently that seasons four and five are already in the works, in addition to a spinoff. We can’t wait to see what he has in store down the line, and we’re sure there’s plenty more in store for all of our favorite characters. At a point when the inordinate success of the show is at its peak, let’s take a minute to appreciate the highlights we’ve enjoyed so far.

Note that this isn’t necessarily a ranking of the best episodes. We’re going chronologically here. It’s too hard to rank all of these, as the shape and themes of Big Mouth have jumped around during its 30 episodes. So instead, let’s start with season 1 as we take a look back at the five best episodes from Netflix’s original series, Big Mouth.

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