4 things we learned from the Westworld season 3 Paley Center panel


The cast of Westworld met virtually for a Paley Center panel to discuss season 3. Here are four of the biggest takeaways we learned.

Westworld season 3 may already be in the books, but that just means its the perfect time to reflect on the season and all the mind-blowing gifts it gave us. And luckily, the cast and creators of Westworld were able to come together to do just that in a Paley Center Front Row discussion.

The lineup was extensive and almost included the entire leading cast. Joining the conversation was Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton, Evan Rachel Wood, Tessa Thompson, and Ed Harris. And creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy as well executive producer Denise Thé also joined along.

Fans are in luck because the entire conversation is available to view on the Paley Center YouTube page. But for a quick breakdown of the biggest things we learned, here are our four takeaways from the panel discussion. Also, beware that there are spoilers ahead from season 3.

A Man in Black/Charlotte team-up’s definitely in store

The end of season 3 had a huge surprise in store, William had been killed, and a host version of the Man in Black was ready to take his place. Speaking on the shocking twist, Ed Harris said in the discussion: “I have no idea what they have planned for me as Mr. A.I. Man in Black, but we shall see. I’m teamed up with Tessa, I know, so hopefully, we can do some rightful damage somewhere.”

It looks like this is going to be one powerful team-up, especially considering host Hale has gone through her own transformation throughout the series. Will they act as an opposing duo against Maeve and Caleb? That’ll be something to see.

There are no heroes and villains

Many known the women of Westworld play incredibly dynamic characters that are so multifaceted that they feel like four-dimensional characters instead of three. And according to co-creator Lisa Joy, that all leads into this idea that the characters are ever-changing and don’t often take one side. “For me, you know, there are no necessarily ‘villains’ or ‘heroes’ in Westworld,” Joy explained. “They are just people and creatures trying to be true to themselves. To transcend suffering and to leave some kind of impression on this world.”

Bernard’s meeting with Arnold’s wife was pivotal

Also by the end of the series, we get a huge moment with Bernard where he makes peace with his past by visiting Arnold’s wife. For the viewers alone, that was an emotional scene to watch. But for Jeffrey Wright, that was just as emotional of a scene to film for him. Though, overall, that moment was something of a turning point for Bernard because he got to actually see the woman who, for all his life, was just a made-up memory.

“I was just empathetic to this idea of two Bernards kind of realizing all of these things that had been really just abstract — seemingly real but essentially programmed,” Wright said. In the end, it was all about Bernard making amends with his “human” past to be able to move on to his new life as a host.

That’s still the same Dolores we know and love

Without a doubt, Dolores has had an incredible character arc throughout the span of three seasons. We’ve seen her go from the loving farmgirl host to being a leader of one of the biggest revolutions on the planet. And yet, there was something so brilliant about those final moments with Dolores out in the prairie with Maeve as she revealed her true intentions behind the revolution.

Evan Rachel Wood explained: “It is Dolores in the blue dress and it is the one you know from the start that we remember but she’s also mixed with all of her new experiences now and the sort of new personality that she has. So finding a way to balance the essence of the Dolores that we know and love but now she has this wisdom about her… but this purity is still there.”

It’d obviously be wonderful to see what places they could take this enlightened Dolores in season 4, but with her dying in season 3, there’s no telling what capacity she’ll be involved in next season. Still, all the characters have transformed so much that it’ll be exciting to see what happens to everyone in Westworld’s next installment.

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