Aglet app to launch limited ‘12th Man’ virtual sneakers

In early April, the Aglet app launched on iOS (Android is in the works) to the delight of many, including myself. Much in the same way that Pokémon GO gamified walking by letting you collect creatures, Aglet does the same thing for sneakerheads, as each step gains you points (or “aglet”) that you can spend on virtual sneakers. I can tell you personally that it’s been a great source of free entertainment for me over the past several weeks, and is also provides some great motivation to get outside and get moving during a time when we’ve all been stuck inside way too much lately.

As you likely know, I look for any opportunity to converge my love of sneakers and my love of Texas A&M, so last month when the folks at Aglet messaged me about doing an A&M-themed shoe on the app, I was giddy. And I’m now here to tell you that the shoe will be available in extremely limited quantity in the Aglet sneaker shop beginning Friday, May 22. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, the Adidas NMD R1 “12th Man.”

If you want this shoe you’ll need to act fact, so download the app using my promo code “WZH8JI”and get stepping! But if you miss out on this drop, you aren’t completely out of luck – a handful of additional pairs have been put in hidden“treasure stashes” on the Texas A&M campus. So if you’re in the College Station area, head to campus and start exploring! The app should send you a notification if you come across the stash.

Aglet is a slick, easy-to-use app that is fun for just about anyone, but especially if you love sneakers. But it’s also exceptionally cool that they were willing to partner with us to do something specifically for Aggie fans. This wasn’t some big corporate partnership with Adidas or the A&M athletic department with a bunch of money changing hands. This was literally just them reaching out to me and being creative about how we could do something cool in the app that would appeal to you guys. It’s been a fun project for me, and it’s great to see an app that is so engaged with their audience and open to trying something new.

So one last shameless plug to go download the Aglet app. Hopefully some of y’all will be the lucky ones to snag these “12th Man” NMDs, and if you do, flex on your friends about it online (and be sure to tag Aglet on Twitter or Instagram). But even if you aren’t able to grab the 12th Man NMDs, Aglet a great app to encourage you to be active and also snag some sweet shoes, even if it’s only virtually.



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