Aggie Hoops Adds Multiyear Series With TCU

Well, we’re getting closer.

This announcement doesn’t involve our two basketball biggest rivals in the state (Baylor, Texas), nor does it involve a desperately-needed bump to Reed Arena’s annual non-conference snooze-fest… but it’s still a legitimately important game against a team of local interest.

TCU has completely shed the “Big XII whipping boy” label under Jamie Dixon, repeatedly submitting campaigns at (or just below) .500 in a ridiculously deep power conference. And with neither team slated to run roughshod through their conference slate next year, they’ll both have this game circled as an opportunity to boost their tournament prospects.

I have no doubt that this move is a financial win, and the recruiting implications are obvious… but when you’re trying to build support, it’s tough to sell a reality where your best games are played off campus. Hopefully we can get some good, local home-and-homes in the future.

Stay safe everyone.



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