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Apparently professional video gaming is a thing now – a big thing. I came across an article recently that referred to the pro-gamers as Electronic Athletes.

While it’s hard to imagine the stereotypical gamer standing next to J.J. Watt and classifying them both as pro athletes (one of these things is not like the others…), apparently people do think they’re comparable. A lot of people.

While I’m no closer to pro-gamer level than I am pro-football player, it is interesting to see the rise of e-Sports and such. I know there’ve been Madden Tournaments with big prizes for quite some time now, but that’s not all there is to it.

It’s been gaining traction for years: Pro Video Gamers Make Millions Before The Age of 30

And there are serious hardcore training regimens to follow:

With it, an entire set of cottage industries, including the rise of the YouTube Game Guru:

Apparently I have to get my head out of the Houston Texans and heavy metal hole it’s been in for decades and start paying attention to the real “virtual” world around me…

What’s been a thing that you didn’t know was a thing until you learned that it was, well, a thing?

It’s Saturday night and it’s alright for gaming…or any other random thing, Texans-related or not, you want to chat about.

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