An unspeakable tragedy unfolded in Philadelphia on Sunday when one Mastery Charter High School football star was shot dead by a teammate who also happened to be his brother.

As the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, Fayaadh Gillard has been charged with murder, possession of an instrument of crime, unsworn falsification to authorities, and obstructing justice in connection with the shooting death of his twin brother, Suhail Gillard, in an apartment. Police documents show that the Gillard brothers were together in the apartment with relatives when the shooting happened, with their father allegedly teaching them how to handle a gun.

Indeed, fellow members of the Mastery Charter football team intimidated that the shooting had to have been an accident, with the team and broader school community rallying around Fayaadh Gillard in support of him as he grieves the death of his twin and his own role in it.

“I know Fayaadh didn’t do it on purpose,” Trenton Williams, a Mastery Charter football captain, told the Inquirer. “I know it was an accident. That’s his twin. His twin would never do that. They had much love for each other. I just cried my eyes out.”

Fayaadh Gillard is currently out on bail, with the Inquirer citing a court source claiming that the murder charge against Fayaadh Gillard will likely be downgraded to third degree murder or third degree manslaughter, both of which allow for those charged to post bail.