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Waukesha West goes with duck shorts for Wisconsin boys state volleyball tournament

ducksnort is a term given to a bloop single that falls in between the infield and outfield in baseball.

duck short is the fashion statement made by the Waukesha West boys volleyball team at the WIAA state tournament Thursday.

The Wolverines were making their first-ever appearance at the state tournament when they took the floor Thursday for a quarterfinal against Brookfield East.

The bright pink background contrasting the yellow rubber ducks surely caught plenty of people’s attention.

Junior setter Alec Boland explained the inspiration behind the quack-themed trousers.

“The seniors thought it’d be a fun idea to get a pair of fun shorts, so we all took a team trip to the mall, we went to PacSun,” Boland said. “They had enough ducks for all of us there, and so we’ve been wearing them for tournaments this year. Going to state for the first time, we wanted to wear them for our first round. So it’s something fun for us.”

The ducks didn’t propel the Wolverines to victory, however, as Brookfield East won in four sets.

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