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In football hazing incident, police request assault charges for De La Salle (Warren, Michigan) high schoolers

Police are requesting assault and battery charges be filed against three Warren De La Salle football players accused in a hazing scandal that abruptly ended the championship team’s season last week.

According to multiple sources, the players are accused of holding an athlete facedown on the floor,  while another sexually taunted and prodded him with a broomstick, though there was no penetration. The alleged victim is not talking to police and does not want charges filed, authorities said.

In addition to police submitting warrant recommendations to the prosecutor’s office, police also received new information on Friday from a parent who alleges there are more football hazing victims out there, but that they are afraid to speak.

Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said he received an email from a concerned parent Friday morning stating: “Not all victims, especially from last year, have shared their traumatic experience.”

Dwyer said the information could lead to more police interviews, but that for now, police are recommending  charges against three players: two seniors, one junior.

“We submitted warrant recommendations on three individuals to the Macomb County Prosecutor’s  Office,” Dwyer told the Free Press on Friday morning.

Macomb County  Prosecutor Eric Smith issued a statement Friday afternoon saying he would refer the case to another county because of a conflict of interest.

Read the Detroit Free Press for more.

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