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WATCH: 6-foot-3, 360-pound RB stars for Arkansas middle school

There aren’t many players who reach 6-foot-6. 230 pounds. When a youngster hits that mark and they’re still in sixth grade? That’s a recipe for almost unstoppable success, and perhaps not at the position you think.

As promulgated on social media by an Instagram user named Kevin Miller, an Arkansas middle school featured a 6-foot-6, 230-pound athlete who lined up at running back. The results on the field were about as predictable as you might imagine.

We don’t know the name of the young athlete in question in the clip above, but he appears to have a bright future as a ball carrier in a lineup that would traditionally use his size as a right or left tackle spot.

Could we see high schools in Arkansas and across the country employ more calls in the Refridgerator Perry sets? Maybe. Or maybe this was a pure one-off. Either way, it made for a wildly entertaining bit of youth football under the microscope.

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