Battle Red Radio: Week Ten NFL Preview

There’s no need to be blue during the Texans’ bye week. Go look at the leaves. Some of them are yellow. Incredible. Drink some $5.50 pumpkin coffee. Spend that money. Trade those draft picks. There’s no future.

Go for a walk. The Hill Country is calling. Read some Mary Oliver and cry for a bit. Practice your Thanksgiving cooking. I have a secret for you. An entire block of Velveeta can fit into the cavity of a turkey. There. Your life has been changed.

It’s Week Ten in the NFL. In this episode, there’s a great barbecue sauce boiling in the pot, a real Kansas City-Tennessee masterpiece; the Steelers are on a three game winning streak and surfing through a cupcake schedule to to end the regular season; Dallas is going to try and finally beat someone, anyone, and that someone is someone who can’t beat someone; and Seattle can’t pass protect or rush the passer, but sometimes a little magic is all you need.

Let’s start the show.

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