FanPulse results: Rockets fan confidence falling

This week’s FanPulse results are in. First, we asked all of our participants across the entire FanPulse network a question about the NBA at-large. That questions was in regards to the new NBA challenge rule.

That’s an interesting result for me, because it doesn’t match up with a lot of the people I’ve spoken to about it, but that’s why FanPulse is a survey, and simply talking to your friends and co-workers isn’t.

Secondly, we asked another question this week, and this one was specific to Rockets fans. We wanted to know about fan confidence compared to last week (and we’ll be updating this survey a lot), and it doesn’t look good for the home team. Fan confidence has dropped dramatically from last week.

It’s no real surprise considering that the Rockets had a few ugly losses, but they are still 5-3, with time to round into shape yet. Houston is back on a two-game win streak, and add a few more onto that, and we could easily see the confidence rating back up where it was.

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