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Former Utah high school football player sues school district, UHSAA over coach telling him to ‘man-up’

A former Utah high school football player has filed suit against his local school district and the Utah High School Athletic Association (UHSAA) in connection with his former coach’s comments after the then-teen suffered a concussion.

Konnor Finn, now two years removed from his final season for Ridgeline High School, is seeking a combined $300,000 or more from the Cache County School District and the UHSAA after his he continued to play following an in-practice impact that apparently created a traumatic brain injury. His justification is tied to comments made by his defensive line coach at the time, who told him to, “quit being a (expletive)” and “get back out there.”

Finn followed orders, but now claims that directly led to pain, blackouts and personality changes, not to mention potential relapses that could lead to further medial issues.

According to Utah NBC affiliate KSL, Finn was pressured to compete for a full two weeks before he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and post-concussive syndrome. He missed multiple months of school time at Primary Children’s Hospital and is now seeking restitution to help pay for the medical bills that came with his recovery.

“Konnor’s medical bills continue to accumulate and an exact amount to date has not been determined,” his attorneys say in the lawsuit filed Monday in Logan’s 1st District Court, according to KSL. To that end, they could petition for more than the $300,000 they initially filed for.

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