Jones Named To Cousy Watch List

In order to win a basketball game you have to score at least once, even if it’s just a free throw. A 1-0 game is highly unlikely but 0-0 is impossible.

Of course as soon as people figured out you had to score the next step was to figure out how to stop people from scoring. Eventually people realized that offense is erratic but good defense can win a game when you can’t shoot.

So as the game developed, some people emerged as great defenders who could change the game on that end.

Duke has had several including Billy King, Shane Battier, Zion Williamson and now, Tre Jones has joined their ranks.

As point guard he’s the tip of the spear and he’s been recognized for his brilliance with a nomination for the Bob Cousy Award watch list.

Aside from his defense, as a freshman Jones took extraordinary care of the ball.

We’d guess that Michigan State’s Cassius Winston is the current favorite but Jones could certainly emerge and it’s possible that he could win this award and national defensive player of the year as well.

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