Bethany Peters Marathon Update: Race Run, Lots Of Money Raised

As you may have noticed, we’ve been trying to help our pal Bethany who planned to run in the Chicago Marathon (her first marathon, with shaky knees no less) to raise money for wells for African kids.

Mission accomplished! She raised over $25,000, thanks in part to you guys, and that will translate into 62.5 wells.

We have no idea how many people can use a well but let’s assume 50. At that rate, 3,125 people will soon see their lives transformed by the gift of clear, safe drinking water. That’s nearly the population of Troy, NC.

That’s a very cool thing so for those of you who donated, you should be very pleased. You probably don’t miss the money you donated and it will translate into a precious gift. You’re a bunch of mensches!

As for Bethany’s race, despite a history of knee problems and despite never having run that far before we’re pleased to report that she finished the race and is grateful that her knees made it but also to everyone who helped her raise such a tidy sum of cash that’s going to do such good things.

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JD King