Bama Playlist: This Takes a Weird Turn

With a week off you would think I would have a treasure trove of things to write about, but Bama just makes things not fun. Their coach is a listless, football monger that pumps out championship after championship. I respect the utter lack of joy he takes in getting paid millions.


So what do we do? We remember we have beat them before. We remember that football is fun and after this week, the regular season is half way over. (SHIT!) And we talk about a creepy doll house that was built on little girls grave which also served as the location of her post-mortem birthday parties!

The Earles family Christmas card, circa 1948

Did you get all of that? I know it was a lot to digest. Yes Alabama is weird, and a little behind the times and apparently absolutely terrifying.

Little Nadine Earles sadly passed away in 1933. Her father, Captain James ‘Good Idea Having’ Earles, was in the middle of building his daughter a playhouse. Now, I am not here to make fun of a little girl, or child death, but her parents decided it would be a good idea to move her playhouse ON TOP OF HER GRAVE! Also, as I said before, they held birthday parties there many times. How this has not been made into a horror series yet is beyond me. Apparently, this monument of pants-destruction is still intact in in Lanett, AL. If anyone visits and makes it back, do not ever contact me. I’ve seen Asian horror films, I know how that shit works. Oh and if Alabama isn’t creepy enough, there is also a playground in the middle of the cemetery so the lost souls can have a swing. GTFO BAMA!

That whole thing might be a little dark, but hey we play the Tide this week and they make everything dark and terrible. I hear Texas is having a cold front though, that’s exciting. And College Station should be a ton of fun this weekend. So let’s remember to enjoy these last two months of football. Be loud, stay safe and BTHOalabama!


1. Request Denied- El-P

This was my suggestion for the new walk out music at Kyle, also it was the answer I received

2. A Good Look- Sturgill Simpson

I will continue to praise this album and add a song every week

3. 3 Tearz- Danny Brown feat. Killer Mike & El-P

Three of my favorite modern rappers

4. Death Stranding- CHVRCHES

I finally saw CHVRCHES in concert this year, it is probably my favorite show of the year

5. In a Spiral- Phantogram

In a spiral is what I assume #AggieTwitter will be around 4:30 PM on Saturday, who am I kidding 2:35 PM on Saturday

6. Hero- Michael Kiwanuka

Maybe Kellen has been the hero we have been looking for all along

7. You Might Think- The Cars

RIP to Rick Ocaseck. Man I love The Cars

8. BIG TYME- Rick Ross feat. Swizz Beatz

This is still a big time game, right?

9. The One- Foo Fighters

Just because they are #1, doesn’t mean their fans aren’t insufferable A-holes

10. Baby Hold On- Eddie Money

Also RIP to Eddie Money, you deserved better than GEICO commercials

11. Problems- A R I Z O N A

I mean, A&M has some…

12. Honky Tonk Woman- Albert King

OK, here is some Alabama related music. The Stones made it famous, I like Albert King’s version. Also recorded at the famous Muscle Shoals

13. Stay High- Brittany Howard

Lead singer of the Alabama Shakes, and solid way to enjoy all of your Saturday

14. Routine- Wale feat. Meek Mill & Rick Ross

Didn’t realize I have so many repeat artists this week

15. Butane (Champion’s Anthem)- Killer Mike feat El-P

We can always just burn it to the ground

16. Walking- 88rising feat. Swae Lee & Major Lazer

This is fun

17. Home- Caribou

Honestly I like Herby, and don’t mind being called out, but KYLE FIELD IS THE BEST HOME FIELD IN THE NATION!!!

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