A man is under investigation for apparently punching a high school girls basketball player during an on-court brawl in Florida on Wednesday.

Tensions in the game rose, causing the game to be called to a close early, according to 7 News Miami. The student, a 17-year-old who attends Miramar (Florida) High School, told the outlet two girls from the other team came back in and started throwing punches.

“Two girls from their team, after it was completely over, like, ran back inside from outside and started hitting our players, and that’s how the fight began,” she said.

The student said a girl was pulling her by the hair, so she swung back at her. Then, a man pulled her away and punched her.

“Out of nowhere this big guy that I don’t even know grabs me by my hair, cocks his arm back completely and just hits me, and that’s when I fell out,” she said.

The student told Local 10 ABC News she blacked out from the punch. She went to the hospital and feels fine but sore, according to 7 News Miami.

Police saw the video and identified the man who is accused of throwing the punch, according to Local 10 ABC News. There is an ongoing investigation.

The basketball league was not associated with Miramar High School,a according to 7 News Miami.