Steve Spurrier: He’s Still Got It

We’ve written before about former Duke coach Steve Spurrier who has at least two world-class talents: he’s a tremendous football coach obviously but he has a complimentary talent that he really exploited brilliantly and it made him, and his teams, a lot of money.

Spurrier could piss people of like nobody’s business. We remember some Virginia player, years after Spurrier left, saying he hated Duke but didn’t know why. Well we did: Spurrier drove everyone around Virginia football out of their minds – and they turned out in droves when Duke was in town.

Same thing happened at Florida as the other SEC teams and fan bases couldn’t wait to get a piece of Spurrier’s teams. It was amazing to watch.

Of course he did it to Florida State too, and maybe with a little more relish. Who could ever forget the Free Shoes U crack?

Well he’s still at it.

Now an Ambassador for Florida, Spurrier met someone who told him her dad was a big Florida State fan. So Spurrier naturally said this: “Tell your dad Taggart is a great coach and #FSU should offer him a 10 year extension.”

It was a bit cruel – Taggart is under great pressure at Florida State after a 5-7 first year. This year he’s off to a 1-2 start and no one around FSU football is very happy.

Still, it’s a classic Spurrier zinger.

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JD King