Sunday Night Food Thread (SNiFT): August 25, 2019

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, but with only a few Sundays before the season, it’s probably the perfect time for a SNiFT thread.

As a Houstonian living in Orlando, I was able to hang out downtown last night to watch the Miami-Florida game. Yes, an ugly game of football, but hey, it’s football, and the atmosphere was fantastic!

While I was unable to make the tailgate, there were all types of food trucks near Camping World Stadium and downtown, and the only thing keeping me from purchasing something from every truck was the college student wallet burning in my pocket.

My friends and I eventually settled on this burger place, but I wasn’t feeling a burger, so I got a quesadilla. Now, a quesadilla is something I make a lot of at home, so if I order one in a restaurant, it’s likely overpriced and it better be good. I can say this quesadilla passed the test. It was a very good quesadilla. Chicken, cheese, fix-ins on the side so that I can manipulate how much goes on my quesadilla. It was great.

But now that football season is officially here, I want y’all to comment with your favorite football/tailgate food and maybe some recipes we can share to get us through the season.

Or you can comment about other news taking place in the NFL. I mean, it was an incredibly slow news day in the NFL yesterday, so I totally understand if you just want to talk food.

Whether you wish to discuss food or football, make sure to follow community guidelines in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

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